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Jeff Richard sur FB à propos des Elémentaires:
Elemental rules are pretty easy - if you have to summon your elemental, you need to Control it with a Command Cult Spirit spell. That means overcoming its POW. Then you can give your elemental simple commands like "take that guy high into the air" or "dig a pit underneath that Tusker".

If you already have a bound elemental, you can first cast your Command Cult Spirit and it automatically works. Then you can elemental from its binding, order it around for 14 minutes or so, and then tell it to return to its binding.

Once summoned, an elemental acts according to its nature and cult affiliation, unless an appropriate Command Cult Spirit spell is cast and the elemental's POW overcome by the caster with a resistance roll.

Now that first bit is important GM wiggy room - if your Orlanthi is in combat with cult enemies and summons an Air Elemental, they will probably attack the enemy.