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Re: Vos attentes pour la gamme VF

Message par 7Tigers » jeu. 26 mars 2020 17:48

C'est clair qu'il faudra un de ces jours une annonce de SDC concernant la présence de VF sur The Jonstown Compendium, avec effectivement le Glossaire officiel pour éviter les traductions "exotiques" et les unifier.

Quelques rappels de Jeff Richard sur le bouquin de Cultes et sa centaine de cultes en version longue: ... -guide-be/
I've written the cults of Pavis, Fintnail, and Zola Fel for RQG. But they will appear in the Pavis & Big Rubble materials, where they belong. I also have written cults of the Bloody Tusk, Daruda, Seseine, Glamour, Geo, loads of material on the Draconic religion, and the beginnings of an Invisible God chapter. But those will all appear in other books.

This book covers Dragon Pass, Kethaela, Prax, and Peloria in great detail. From here you can work out the contours of much of the rest of Glorantha. Other than gods of the East Isles, Godunya, Path of Immanent Mastery, and Tskanth, I believe that every cult that was in the RQ3 Gods of Glorantha book is here. Long form. Like Cults of Prax or Cults of Terror.

All the main cults in Esrolia are covered here - Ernalda, Asrelia, Esrola, Choralinthor, Engizi, Babeester Gor, Maran Gor, Argan Argar, Barntar, Orlanth, the Lightbringers, Lodril, etc. There's a few purely local deities like Vogarth that will get presented in a regional supplement, but less than 5% of the population are initiated into all these minor cults collectively.

Plus so much more - Asrelia, Barntar, Caladra & Aurelion, Choralinthor, Danfive Xaron, Dayzatar, Deezola, Hon-eel, Oslira, Polaris, Shargash, Yara Aranis, Ygg, and so much more.

There was a draft version of the books available at Gen Con 2019, since then there's been a lot more work done on them. If you were at Dragonmeet or at one of the London meetups, you could read through the latest drafts. The Table of Contents are not a good guide to the number of cults as some are contained within others:


In summary, it covers the contours of the monomyth and the new Lunar religion. Plus a number of local cults of interest to the core lands of Kethaela, Prax, Dragon Pass, and Maniria.

The two perspectives it does not cover is Malkioni humanism (which really needed its own book), and the draconic religion (and its influences), plus purely local cults outside of the core lands.

Ompalam, Lamsabi, and Selarn are local cults outside of the core homelands. I have an Ompalam cult writeup already though.
Dave Cake:
I have the draft that was released at Gencon last year:
It’s terrific, huge and rich. It has everything that was done for previous editions - like Cults of Prax, Cults of Terror, Troll Gods, a fully fleshed Earth Pantheon, a fully fleshed out Solar Pantheon, a mass of great Lunar material that is entirely new and opens up the Lunars for play as never before, all in one, all with new gods we haven’t seen before in the mix.
Rick Meints:
Q: I wonder if at this point we will ever see any of those pantheons be fleshed out like they deserve to be... it really feels like the guys at chaosium are only interested in Orlanthi and the areas around them at this point.

A: The current Gods of Glorantha manuscript is over 600 pages in length. The work done thus far required a lot of author time, and many of the cults in this manuscript already had a lot of their info already fleshed out (although it did have to be updated and edited, sometimes heavily). It is quite easy to imagine that the rest of the cults in Glorantha would require at least as big of a manuscript, and many of them have far less written about them. There is a very distinct tradeoff between getting a lot of Gloranthan Cults this year, or getting every Gloranthan cult two or three years from now. We at the Chaosium have decided to provide a large number of cults based on what most players desire the most. Holding up the publication of a cult from Dragon Pass or Prax for a few years so people can also get the Cult of (insert deity rarely worshipped in some far flung corner of the lozenge) at the same time would disappoint far more people. The goal of "complete" would, quite bluntly, just sacrifice every ounce of "timeliness".

As for what we are interested in publishing, that is another matter. There are two main factors at work here, as we have stated previously, but are worth repeating:

1. WRITING CAPACITY: Jeff and Jason are our main in house writers for RuneQuest, and Jason spends the majority of his time as the line editor. All the rest of the writing comes from freelance authors. Historically, Glorantha has always struggled to attract authors willing and capable of writing for it. That was true in 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010, and is also true today. Wishing for a Book on X or Y doesn't mean anyone is going to step up and want to write it. That is probably doubly true for the less documented areas of Glorantha.

2. ECONOMICS: We are very willing to publish any RuneQuest material that will sell well enough to pay the bills. Some topics though are far from mainstream interests. Yes, we have no doubt that there are fans out there who long to buy a book on X or Y, but many of those topics won't sell well enough for Chaosium to invest the resources (mainly money) for a full blown supplement. In many respects, that's what the Jonstown Compendium was created to help alleviate. Chaosium needs to produce material that will sell X thousand copies, not X hundred copies.