Pays d'Héort / Heortland

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Pays d'Héort / Heortland

Message par 7Tigers » mar. 12 janv. 2021 10:07

Carte officielle du Pays d'Héort / Heortland, par Jeff Richard:

> What is the reason that Heortland traders are not going south of the mountains into Prax?

Because Orani's Mistake is a particularly desolate with the Monkey Ruins and Cam's Well being poorly located oases.
To make that trek, you need to really stock up on water at the Marcher Fort, because you need to get to Cam's Well and then make a very long trek to either the Bigglestone or to Ex.
You may end up carrying several days of water and fodder for your mounts (which gets really tough), depending on the season.
And plenty of stories of caravans who run out of water and their animals die in Orani' Mistake before getting to Cam's Well or the Monkey Ruins.

Mech easier to go from Swenston to Pimper's Block to Day's Rest to Tourney Altar and from there to either Ex or the Paps.