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Wintertop Fort

Posté : ven. 22 nov. 2019 11:35
par 7Tigers
Jeff Richard sur Wintertop Fort (Exiles / Old Tarshites):
The Old Tarshites have about 10 clans. Wintertop Fort is shared by several clans, including the Hendarli. Wintertop previously served as a sacred city and place of pilgrimage - it was not the capital of Tarsh (that was traditionally Bagnot, and later Furthest).


At 1200 meters, Wintertop Fort is in a deep valley at the base of Kero Fin. The valley gets over 3 meters of snow each winter. The locals herd cattle and sheep, hunt and raid for a living. What little agriculture they have is mainly dedicated to growing emmer wheat. Sacred shadow cats wander around freely throughout Wintertop valley; it is forbidden to harm these cats. At the base of the valley, the Squat Inn provides accommodations for pilgrims and merchants.

Wintertop Fort itself is a small city ready to provide porters, climbers, and haulers to anyone who pays. The city is best known for its great temple to Orlanth Son of the Mountain Goddess that is regularly visited by Orlanthi pilgrims from as far away as Talastar and Maniria. A group of hot springs right below the temple has curative powers.

Here are more notes:

Wintertop Fort has a population of 3000 people. I suspect that is most of the population of the valley. Maybe another 1000 live outside the urban area in the valley. This means there are probably four clans in the Wintertop Fort. One of these is the Hendarli clan (not tribe).

Politically, they are dominated by the Shaker's Temple, who has raised a king for the whole of the Tarsh Exiles (Unstey of the Hendarli). A maintained road connects Wintertop to the Shaker's Temple.

An trader's road connects Wintertop with the Solthon Valley. Wintertop maintains close ties to their kinfolk in the Solthon Valley (which is as close as Arim's Valley).

The great temple to Orlanth and Kero Fin is supported by Orlanthi pilgrims. Local bandits generally leave the pilgrims alone. Orlanth gets Snow here from his half-sister.

The locals grow emmer not barley. Emmer actually grows better than barley in mountainous areas, and is Kero Fin's special grain. You can also make beer out of it. A hot spiced beer is particularly popular with the locals.

Architecturally, Wintertop was founded in the 14th century. I think the primary fortifications are the valley itself, although the main settlement has fortifications built in the 1570s (Sartarite stone-masons, I think).

The largest and most-impressive looking building in the town is the great temple, made of stone, and likely rebuilt in the 1570s as well. The lesser buildings are made out of stone and wood (which is easier to heat). Houses are simply square block structures with peaked roofs. The ground floor is usually stone, and wooden floors built atop it.

Re: Wintertop Fort

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Le Work in Progress de la carte de Jeff des alentours de Wintertop: